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Damanpreet Kaur is known as a multilevel Digital Marketer, Web Designer and Developer in Patiala, who has been ruling the IT industry for many years. Even though, she is a Google certified Digital Marketing expert who has gained so much in her journey of being a successful digital marketer. She is working with an aim to help the students and clients to achieve their business marketing goals and make a positive impact by implementing successful internet marketing strategies. In addition, she is one of the talented Digital marketing and Web Designing trainers whose name is often featured in several top Digital marketers since 2015.  She offers business consultation and website Audit services to clients. She has started her career at the age of 17 as an SEO executive and carried out years of industry experience.

Today She is the head of reputed Digital Marketing Agencies like Solutions 1313, Easy Web Plans, PIIM, 13 Digital Marketing Melbourne, AD Solutions Market and the wife of Expert Digital Marketing Professional Mr Amrinder Singh, who is the owner of all these Companies. In addition, Damanpreet Kaur has trained thousands of students in the field of Internet Marketing and has offered her lectures at various Colleges and Universities of Punjab. Damanpreet Kaur is also known as a corporate Trainer who hosts Digital marketing related programs for various IT Companies.

She is working with an aim to reach out to rural India and teach about the benefits of learning Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Development. Therefore, she has launched a Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Development course approved by Industry experts to help people define the motive of using digital. She is in the business of building brands as well as marketing those brands to drive potential traffic, influence, and thought leadership.

Check out Her Services

Damanpreet Kaur offers full-service Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Development solutions. Actually, she will help you and your business to grow with the right solutions. All her solutions are focused on one thing i.e., “Creating Industry-Leading Websites”. Her services include –

Digital Marketing – She will help you build a dynamic strategy that is timeline specific to your Digital marketing goals. She specializes in various Digital marketing services like SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

Web Development – Damanpreet Kaur empower her web development clients with attractive, user-friendly and responsive websites built using WordPress, PHP and many more web development technologies.

Web Design – She designs and Builds websites that drive leads, sales as well as more business opportunities. Her team of experienced and professional web designers and developers offers top-quality solutions and provides the highest attention to detail using the latest technologies.

Ecommerce Website Development – She can develop attractive user-friendly Ecommerce Websites that help you to increase your website traffic, higher retention as well as increased ROI. She specializes in Shopify Development, Magento Development, WooCommerce Development and many more.

So, if you are looking to hire an expert Digital Marketing, Web Designer or Developer then book a consultation meeting with Damanpreet Kaur now!! For a consultation, Call +91 8591383962.