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website development course in Patiala Website Development Course in Patiala is becoming popular nowadays, However, as everyone knows that popular cities of Punjab Such as Mohali and Chandigarh always stay full of rush and dome in classes in very hard to get. If you got the place there is no guarantee that you’ll get enough timing to practice and master your skill. Website Designing is one of the most popular and in-demand skill these days as every day thousands of businesses plans to go online.

Website Development Course in Patiala

As described earlier above, Other places or cities in Punjab are full of classes and it’s hard to get admission to high-quality training institutes due to limited batches and seats. So, rather than waiting why not invest the time in learning the same course and syllabus somewhere else where you’ll not just get an education but prepare yourself to be a better person in skills? We know that you’re looking forward to improving yourself, that’s why you’re on the Website Development Course in Patiala information page on our website.

Importance and Scope of Website Development and Web Designing

These days everyone knows about the importance of having a website, Even small business owners want to grow their business by making their business visible online via a website, social media page, marketing, and anything that helps to grow their business and business visibility.  Businesses love to get their own website asap but the problem in the market is- There is Huge Demand for website developers but the problem is there are only a few that are enough skilled and professionals in this field.

Also, a quick fact is a website designer makes more money than many government secured jobs. If you would like to cross-check the facts you can simply google it or you can look at some public domain resources such as Upgrad fresher’s salary article in website development, You can also calculate and predict your income with a free tool by Payscale Calculator by selecting your job role as Website Designer and Developer.

Why AD Solutions is the Best Option For You to Start Website Development Course in Patiala

Being a website developer and doing the job is easy, but what makes the most difference is learning everything with the right people, a good environment, and professional trainers here AD Solutions Market covers the gap for you. With AD Solutions You can learn about website development and design from professional trainers who have expertise in this field and more than 5+ years of experience. AD Solutions provides 2 days of free demo classes in Website Development to its students so they can clear their doubts before joining the course. If you’d like to learn website designing course then why not give it a try in demo classes afterward if you feel comfortable you can simply enroll in the course.

Web development course by AD Solutions Patiala

Our Syllabus

  • Introduction to Web Development, Importance, and basics
  • Introduction of Domain & Hosting
  • Practical Domain & Hosting
  • Introduction to PHP, HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • Php Practical class
  • Php practical session
  • Introduction of HTML
  • HTML practical class
  • HTML practical session
  • Introductions of CSS, use-cases & implementations
  • CSS practical class
  • CSS practical session
  • TEST 1
  • Introduction of WordPress, Usage, and Importance.
  • Install WordPress in localhost
  • Install WordPress on a live website
  • Making Posts/blogs
  • Making of a Page
  • Introduction of Plugins and use.
  • Configuring Plugins
  • Introduction of Theme, Difference between free theme & paid theme
  • How to install a theme (with practical)
  • Introduction of page builders
  • building a page with page builder.
  • building a website with a page builder
  • TEST 2
  • Introduction of E-commerce Website, Basic of E-commerce.
  • Making an E-commerce website (Practical)
  • Finding, Fixing bugs in a website.
  • TEST 3
  • Advanced WordPress
  • Practice sessions
  • Final Test

What makes us the best in the Market?

100% Job Placement Assistance – We are providing you industry-oriented Website Designing Course in Patiala with 100% job Placement assistance. We have tie-up with various companies to help our students kick-start their careers in the demanding industry.

Agency Experience – AD Solutions Market is the only Website Designing Institute in Patiala which is backed by years of agency experience and delivered results for various big brands.

Live Project Training – There is no better way of learning than doing practically. Get hands-on experience on live projects as well as case studies.

Team of Website Designing Experts – We have a team of experienced and professional Website Designing experts. They can train you in all the latest Website Designing and trending technologies and strategies. Thus, in this way, they will help to promote the business and gain organic website traffic.

Interview Preparation – As one of the Top website designing institutes in Patiala, we feel that is our responsibility to make our students job-ready. Hence, if you are interested to shine your career in the Website Designing field, then without wasting any time, dial +91 8591383962 and Join our Website Designing Course in Patiala.

Benefits of Taking This Course.

By taking our website design course in Patiala, you will get an opportunity to learn how to plan, build and test a fully functional website. You will be confident enough to create attractive user interface designs as well as manage data with ease.

This course will also help you become more versatile and professional web designers who can craft websites for organizations, businesses, or even individuals on their own. In addition to that, you’ll develop useful coding skills for the future too.

Still not convinced?

If you don’t want to do web development course in Patiala then you should check out our latest article 3 Best Website Development Institutes In Patiala, where you’ll not just get some helpful insights but you will also get to know why Patiala is the best place to do web designing course in Patiala with facts, Deep research-based content and sufficient proofs that you must check at least once.

If want to know more about the course or have any inquiries for e.g. web designing course fees or web designing training batches, class timing, etc. then give us a call and consult with our Experts for Free OR book a free demo class for 2 Days.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to become a professional web developer, call us now at +918591383962